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Trefoil Therapeutics Raises $28 Million Series A to Advance Engineered FGF-1 for the Treatment of Corneal Diseases 

July 16, 2019

Lead candidate TTHX1114 will advance to IND and clinical study in corneal endothelial disease in early 2020


Recruiting for a Senior Scientist.  Details HERE

Trefoil is a biotechnology company focused on leveraging its engineered fibroblast growth factor-1 protein (eFGF-1) technology platform to develop first-in-class regenerative pharmacologic treatments for corneal diseases, which are debilitating and cause a significant amount of preventable blindness throughout the world.

Lead candidate TTHX1114 is an engineered form of FGF-1 designed to stimulate proliferation and migration of corneal endothelial cells. It is initially being developed as an intracameral injection as the first pharmacologic treatment for back of the cornea surface disease (endothelial dystrophy), the leading cause of cornea transplantation surgeries.

Trefoil's second development program focuses on a topical eye drop formulation of TTHX1114 for the treatment of ulcerative conditions on the front surface of the cornea which leads to corneal scarring and substantial loss of vision.