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Overview of Trefoil Therapeutics

Trefoil was founded to bring forward novel engineered FGF-1 (eFGF-1) compounds to treat dorneal diseases adn disorders.


Lead candidate TTHX1114 is an engineered form of FGF-1 designed to protect corneal endothelial cells and restore vision loss by stimulating cell proliferation and migration. It is initially being developed as an intracameral injection to potentially offer the first pharmacologic treatment for a back of the cornea surface disease (endothelial dystrophy), the leading cause of cornea transplantation surgeries.

Trefoil's second development program focuses on an eye drop formulation of TTHX1114 for the treatment of ulcerative conditions on the front surface of the cornea, which leads to corneal scarring and substantial loss of vision.

The management team of Trefoil has more than 100 years of combined pharmaceutical development and commercialization experience, and the potential to bring forward a first-in-class therapeutic option through novel eFGF-1 technology has catalyzed our work.